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Romantic, glamorous, original, and thoughtfully designed - this should be the reflection of your wedding day. At Shelley Simone Luxe Events, we take a different approach to planning and designing weddings because we know that no two are alike and details matter. Our process starts with a collaboration of your unique vision, style, wishes, and personal preferences. Let us help to celebrate this chapter of your unique love story, create a fun and memorable experience for your guests, and transform the venue space into beautiful artworks. We will work behind the scenes to ensure that the day runs smoothly and as perfectly as possible. We are the guide. How can we help you?


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Hi, I'm Shelley-Ann Simone, Owner and Creative Director at Shelley Simone Luxe Events. From a past bride to another, I'm on a mission to share that planning your signature wedding is one of the most exciting things to do, but the process can get overwhelming quite quickly. You already have a busy schedule, you don't need to be spending long hours sourcing vendors, reviewing multiply contracts, venue walk through, attending ongoing meetings, and dealing with the dramas and stresses that comes with it all? Just relax, and enjoy your engagement leading into your wedding day.
I look forward to collaborating with you and your ideas to customize the wedding of your dreams. My aim is to guide you through a fun and stress-free journey starting with an organized step-by-step process which I've implemented, and perfected over the years to make my wedding planning approach a success.  Let's connect with a quick 15 mins free consultation to get the communication going. We'll then have a coffee chat to review your ideas, my approach to the planning process, and how we can help you to create an impressive wedding experience for your guests like you've envisioned.



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Happy Planning! 


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