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5 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner

It has never failed. Time after time, some brides take on the challenges of planning their wedding by themselves, and six months in the stresses of it all has begun to turn some heads. Let me say that I have seen many tears.

Hiring a wedding planner and coordinator to be by your side throughout your wedding journey is one of the best investments you will make for your sanity.


1. We network with other vendors regularly. It helps to save on some services and pull a few strings when we need to.

2. For your protection, We review clauses in the vendor's legal contract, advocate for your needs, clarify your expectations, and make sure you understand what is in the services you will be receiving

3. We create a stress-free planning process and typically two steps ahead of you. Remember that planning wedding is what we best, so we follow a function from the day of hire to you leaving for your honeymoon.

4. We have all the time on our hands to manage the logistics of your wedding and focus on making your day flawless while you're enjoying your engagement.

5 We are creatives and knowledgeable about ceremony and reception transition. You don't need to lift a finger on your wedding day.

Wedding planning is an exciting and stressful journey. Let us help to make the process much easier and more fun.

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