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5 Tips To Planning An Intimate Micro-Wedding in 2021

As the world is slowly pressing forward into 2021, it's safe to say that brides are now more than ever open minded towards intimate micro- weddings. This does not mean planning your intimate wedding gets any easier. You still need to secure your date with your venue, research vendors, review contracts, schedule meetings, tastings, dress fittings, and more .

Here are 5 tips to planning an Intimate wedding in 2021:

1. Allow yourself time. Still plan ahead, don't procrastinate

2. Now that you've cut your guest list, splurge on things that are more important to you.

3. Personalize your day. It's all about you and your fiancé. Create a signature drink or have your initial monogram on your napkins for guests keepsakes.

4. Keep following up with the CDC and your states requirements and guidelines when hosting social gatherings. Abide by them. Having your wedding outside is ideal so plan according to your seasons. It may be snowing up north during the winter but its sunny here in Texas and Florida.

5. Manage your expectations. Don't get disappointed if someone important to you decline attention your wedding due to fear of being among others.

And bonus.

Make it quick. Shorten your ceremony time and think about having only a cocktail hour. It's becoming a norm now a days.

Happy Planning and stay safe out there.

Shelley Simone

Shelley Simone Luxe Events , San Antonio, Texas.


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